6/14/22 Flag Day

Chevron CEO: ‘There Will Never Be Another Refinery Built In The U.S.’ – Media Research Center
We’ve seen refineries closed. When I began my career, there were more than 250 refineries in the US. Today there’s half that number and we’ve seen refineries close around the world

S&P sinks to bear market, stock crisis gets worse – FOX Business
The crisis roiling U.S. stocks went from bad to worse on Monday as the S&P 500 closed in a fresh bear market, complicating the next move by the Federal Reserve. The broadest measure of the stock market fell 3.9% or 151 points and is now off 22% from its Jan. 4 high of 4,796.56. 

Ohio Governor Signs Bill Allowing Teachers to Be Armed – Epoch Times
School districts in Ohio now have the option to allow teachers and school employees to carry weapons.

Who’s Hurting the Most from Inflation? – Best of the Web, WSJ
Inflation is also not exactly welcome news for those who used to earn wages. “Yes, America is getting another pay cut, but the elderly on fixed incomes are getting slaughtered,” wrote Bill Fotsch.

Here’s a Long List of Prominent Democrats Refusing to Accept Election Results – Katie Pavlich, Townhall
Democrats on Capitol Hill are holding hearings this week to examine January 6, 2021 and their allegation President Donald Trump, along with Republicans on Capitol Hill, launched an “assault on democracy” by questioning or rejecting the results of the 2020 presidential election. Conveniently, Democrats are failing to highlight their own “assault on Democracy” over the years. 

Bannon subpoenas Speaker Pelosi, Jan. 6 committee ahead of upcoming contempt trial – Just the News
Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon has subpoenaed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the special panel investigating January 6 to testify at Bannon’s pending trial, in which he faces two counts of criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to participate in the congressional investigation.

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