Friday Riddle: Many years ago a boy and a girl are planning to run off and get married. But the boy got cold feet and needed to tell the girl. He wanted to send a telegram, but only had enough money for one word. What one word did he send?
Listen to UpFront to get the answer

The January 6 Committee’s Futile Prime-Time Political Ad – Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review
Desperate to avert a midterm disaster, Democrats have decided to play their Trump card. It won’t work.

The Uncredible Jan. 6 Committee – Kimberly Strassel, WSJ
What’s actually missing in this special sauce of prime TV hours, slick videos and positive press is the one ingredient truly vital for public interest: credibility.

Americans Pretty Much Disgusted With The Big Media – I&I/TIPP Poll
It turns out the American public doesn’t believe ANY media, whether the traditional Main Stream Media nor the “Alternative” Media.

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