Dems Scramble to Score Political Points in Response to Uvalde Tragedy – Townhall
After the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, the Left is using the atrocities committed by the disturbed shooter to push for more federal government action they claim would prevent shootings, even though laws already on the books didn’t stop the terror in Uvalde and it’s unclear what additional laws may have prevented the violence.

From the “What did you expect?” department. China is determined to do to Taiwan what they did to Hong Kong. Although they don’t have a legal claim to Taiwan, they are maneuvering to present Taiwan with an untenable security situation, perhaps including invasion. China Issues Direct Warning To US, Announces Military Drills After Biden’s Comments – Daily Caller
China announced Wednesday it will be holding military drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan as a response to President Joe Biden’s remarks that the U.S. would defend the island militarily.

Russia Fortifying Territorial Gains in Ukraine – Just the News
Russia is solidifying its territorial acquisitions in Ukraine by building defensive structures and flooding these areas with military equipment.

Georgia’s record primary turnout prompts another media reckoning after voting law was compared to ‘Jim Crow’ – FOX News
Yet another media narrative that had drastic political and cultural implications seemed to go belly-up this week as Georgia saw massive turnout in its primaries after being portrayed as the epicenter of a nationwide Republican voter suppression wave.

The Left has effectively banned Christianity from the public square. In a new culture essay from The Federalist, contributor Joy Pullman has pointed out something has been slowly evolving under the radar in our society. However, in The Left Has Effectively Banned Christian Kids From Public Pools, Libraries, And Summer Camps, Pullman points out that here in the US, we have gone from letting LGBTQ out of the closet to now letting the LGBTQ community force Christianity into the closet.

Joe Biden’s Train-Wreck Economy – WSJ, Henniger
Republicans will pocket November but shouldn’t gloat. The post-pandemic economy is a historic train wreck. The political gods, in their unfathomable wisdom, have handed Republicans a once-in-a-generation chance to help voters understand how to build a future from this ruin. Start talking.

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