So, the nation mourns another atrocity committed in a school. Innocents are slaughtered in another display of mindless violence perpetrated by a young madman with a gun. As usual, the violence is senseless and the victims are defenseless. Us usual, the usual suspects on the left’s knee jerk reaction is to take guns away from innocent people. As usual, the Democrats leap at another opportunity to blame Republicans for “enabling” the violence by defending the Second Amendment. As usual, the nation indulges in the useless kabuki dance of arguing about who to blame and public statements from anguished, angry parents of child victims.

And as usual, we have no shortage of pundits writing emotional essays bemoaning the shootings and wondering; “How someone can so cheapen life that they are willing to engage in wholesale killing of children?” None of these pundits seem to be able to make the connection between the violence committed in the classrooms in this country and the violence committed in the abortion clinics all over this country.
If you want to know why life has become cheap in this country, you need to look no further than the left’s sacrament of child sacrifice: abortion. If you show two generations of Americans that life means nothing in the womb, don’t be surprised when they make the next logical conclusion; life means nothing at any stage. – Mark

Texas Elementary School Shooting Leaves 14 Children and One Teacher Dead – Wall Street Journal
At least 14 students and one teacher were killed in a mass shooting at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott said. The shooter, an 18-year-old local man, has died, Mr. Abbott said. The governor said it was believed that officers responding to the scene killed the shooter. Law-enforcement officials identified the gunman as Salvador Ramos, a resident of Uvalde.

Top Russian Air Force pilot allegedly shot down over Ukrainian airspace – FOX News
Kanamat Botashev, 63, is a top Russian military commander and former major general. According to reports coming out of Russia, Botashev was killed over the weekend after his SU-25 attack plane was shot down in Ukrainian airspace. Multiple subordinates confirmed Botashev’s death to the BBC, but requested to keep their identities anonymous.

Woke Activists In The Workplace Are Sparking A Surge In Free Speech Cases – Daily Caller
Workplace activism has caused a surge in free speech litigation over the past few years as employees have been fired or disciplined for their political views, according to a public interest law firm.

FBI Leadership Was ‘Fired Up’ over Trump-Russia Evidence, Demanded Investigation Despite Rank-and-File Agents’ Doubts National Review
Messages between FBI agents made public during the false-statement trial of lawyer Michael Sussmann show that the Chicago office tasked with looking into allegations of communications between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank was forced to open a full investigation at the behest of FBI leadership, in spite of exculpatory analyses performed by agents.

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