Army Considering Allowing Soldiers to Seek ‘Compassionate Reassignment’ over ‘Discriminatory’ State Laws – National Review
US Army officials are considering making changes to an existing policy on “compassionate reassignment” to allow soldiers to request relocation if they are concerned that state or local laws discriminate against them based on gender, sex, religion, race, or pregnancy, according to a new report. 

Wisconsin power company proposing use of small modular nuclear reactors – American Experiment
Wisconsin moving to build the newest generation of nuclear power plants while Minnesota Democrats fiddle around playing virtue signaling games for their greenies base.

MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore testimony that Clinton OK’d leaking of Trump-Russian allegations – FOX News
MSNBC, ABC News, NBC News and CBS News all ignored Friday’s bombshell testimony in which former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified Clinton approved the dissemination of materials to the media alleging a secret communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank, despite campaign officials not being “totally confident” in the legitimacy of the data.

Dems Start Attacking Their Own Over Supreme Court Protests – Townhall
During a recent interview with CNN, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin broke with the White House by condemning raucous and intimidating protests outside of homes belonging to Supreme Court justices.

Poll: Voters Don’t Like Supreme Court Leak—or Restructuring the Judiciary – Best of the Web, WSJ
The encouraging findings from a new Mason-Dixon poll suggest that U.S. registered voters—including a large majority of independents—want the Court to continue under its current structure, but without any more leaks of draft opinions.

National School Boards Association Wanted Federal Troops Deployed at Local Meetings – Townhall
The National School Boards Association planned to ask the Biden administration to deploy the Army National Guard and military police to school districts beset by parent protests over policies including mandatory masking and the teaching of critical race theory, an internal review has found.

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