Erik Van Mechelen will be our guest on UpFront this morning. He is the author of Midwest Seeds, a news & information blog. Erik has done a great deal of research into the 2020 election. He seems to understands what happened and what needs to be done to make our elections more reflective of the true will of the electorate. Tune in at 9:05 to hear our conversation.

How Pa. GOP gov pick could turn election lies into action – AP
Here is an article presented as news analysis which is simply an editorial packed with Democratic Party talking points. The Dems are panicking already.

Executive Director of Biden’s Ministry of Truth Resigns – Townhall
Following a report detailing the death-rattle of the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board, Executive Director Nina Jankowicz has officially resigned her post with the disinfo board and Department of Homeland Security.

Portuguese angered at influx of Californians who import their problems with them – FOX News
California residents are fleeing to the country of Portugal and in many cases bringing problems that have made life more difficult for natives, according to the Los Angeles Times report.

Dow Slides More Than 1,100 Points in Worst Day Since 2020 – Wall Street Journal
U.S. stocks fell sharply, with two of the major indexes suffering their worst day since 2020, as the latest set of disappointing earnings from large retailers raised investors’ fears of a recession.

Sen. Rubio Says Democrats ‘Want’ Inflation And High Gas Prices – Daily Caller
Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday on “America’s Newsroom” that Democrats “want” inflation and high gas prices to cause the public to transition to electric vehicles.

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