Men… Are you a hepeater? You maybe hepeating the women in your life and not even know it. The American version of English continues to be bastardized by wokism, me-tooism and toxicity culture. Find out here if you are violating the latest social faux pas.

Defund the Capitol Police – American Greatness
While purporting to defend “Congress, the U.S. Capitol, and our democracy,” Capitol police act as a narrative enforcer for Democrats.

Majority Of Americans Want Corporations To Stop Meddling In Politics – Daily Caller
Almost 90% of Americans have said they are likely to stop using a company’s product or service if it openly advocates for a political agenda they disagree with, according to a poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action.

DeSantis signs law banning protests outside private homes – Axios
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Monday that will make protesting outside of a person’s home illegal.

Biden sending US troops back to Somalia, reversing Trump pullout – NY Post
Biden authorized a “persistent” US military presence in the East African country, with an estimated cap of 500 Americans, a US official said Monday on a White House-organized call. The move was first reported by the New York Times.

Biden’s Dance With a Latin Dictator – WSJ Editorial
The Biden Administration’s sanctions dance with the dictator is taking place even as it acts at every turn to restrict U.S. oil and production. The contradiction is hard to fathom other than as the triumph of ideology over reason.

Counselor Who Organized School Drag Show Arrested for Having Sex with 15-Year-Old Student – Townhall
A former Arizona high school counselor – who previously helped students organize a drag show – was arrested and accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl, according to police. The Tucson Police Department’s Child Sexual Assault Unit received a report of an inappropriate relationship between Zobella Brazil Vinik, 29, and a 15-year-old student at Tucson High Magnet School. At the time, Vinik was a counselor at Tucson High Magnet School.

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