Project Veritas does it again.
FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Docs Showing Bureau Targeting “News Media” Under “Sensitive Investigative Matter”

National baby formula shortage leaves moms desperate – FOX News Business
Some infants in America are going hungry because of a baby formula shortage. Stores just can’t keep it in stock and mothers are getting desperate.

LA Times op-ed claims end of Roe v Wade means ‘disaster’ for Catholics – FOX News
Roe vs. Wade is part of a patchwork of laws that have protected the privacy of individuals against the religiously motivated incursions of others,’ wrote the Catholics for Choice board member

Hong Kong Police Arrest 90-Year-Old Catholic Bishop In Latest Round-Up Of Dissidents – The Federalist
Cardinal Joseph Zen joined singer-activist Denise Ho, and Margaret Ng, an attorney and ex-Hong Kong lawmaker, in Chinese detention. The three are being investigated for alleged violations of Beijing’s strict national security law imposed on the district in 2019. Each was a trustee of the 619 Humanitarian Relief Fund offering financial support to those prosecuted for demonstrations against the Chinese crackdown.

Tone Deaf Biden Doubles Down on Rhetoric with Reference to Trump as ‘Great MAGA King’ – Townhall
On Tuesday, President Joe Biden gave his speech on inflation, in which he denounced Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) in a way that included thinking he was a senator from Wisconsin. Biden also referenced that pet phrase of his when denouncing the Republican Party and Republicans overall, “ultra MAGA,” no less than five times. During his remarks on Wednesday in Chicago, the president took that term even further when he referred to former President Donald Trump as “the great MAGA king,” which has since led the phrase to trend over Twitter.

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