Deemed Fraud’: Democrats Accuse Conservative Justices Of Lying About Abortion In Senate Testimony – Daily Caller
Associate Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett all reportedly support a leaked draft opinion overturning the 49-year-old ruling creating a constitutional right to abortion. During their confirmation hearings, all three justices refused to comment on whether or not they personally opposed Roe v. Wade. Rather, they pledged to respect previous rulings, with Kavanaugh referring to Roe as “entitled the respect under principles of stare decisis.”

Stocks Slide to Lowest in 2022 as Rout Continues Wall Street Journal
The most punishing market selloff in years showed no signs of abating Monday, with U.S. stock indexes sliding to new lows for 2022 and other assets, like oil and bitcoin, tumbling as well.

Democrats have been
Blinded by Science

California reaches 100 percent “renewable” for a few minutes after electricity prices reach new heights – American Experiment
Wind and solar advocates celebrated California being powered by 100 percent “renewable” energy for an entire 15 minutes, marking the first time this has ever happened after decades of investing tens of billions of dollars in wind and solar.

Mask Mandate Reimposed on Afghan Women – Best of the Web WSJ
In other world news, the communist COVID lock-down continues in China. China’s two largest cities (Beijing & Shanghai) tightened COVID-19 curbs on Monday, fueling public angst and even questions about the legality of its uncompromising battle with the virus that has battered the world’s second largest economy.

*They* Can Say an Election Was Stolen, But We Can’t Matt Vespa, Townhall
The new White House Secretary has spread very serious doubts about the legitimacy of American democracy. She has Tweeted that the 2018 Gubernatorial election in Georgia was stolen from Stacy Abrams and has made antisemitic statements. White House is bragging about her being the 1st “black, married, lesbian” press secretary, she is married to a CNN reporter.

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