The Abortion Disinformation CampaignWall Street Journal
Don’t believe the claims that other rights are in jeopardy if Roe v. Wade falls.

The Libs Are Not Alright: Twitter Melts Down After Roe NewsWashington Free Beacon
It seems our nation’s journalists and Democratic lawmakers fall squarely within the 65 percent of Americans who don’t understand what overturning Roe really means. Thought leaders everywhere let their minds run wild with ideas of what legal protections the Supreme Court will eliminate.

With 63 Potential Leakers, Calls Grow to ‘Figure Out Who Is Responsible’ for SCOTUS Leak – Epoch Times
Each of the nine Supreme Court justices has four law clerks and three administrative aides, all of whom would have some level of access to draft opinions and other internal documents related to decisions, for a total of 63 potential suspected leakers, as well as an unknown number of information technology people who might have access.

John Durham Secures a Big Victory Against Hillary for America and Fusion GPS – Red State
Documents Durham requested from the Clinton Campaign and Fusion GPS will be made available. These documents should shed light on the relationships between Clinton campaign and attempts to link Trump to Russia in 2016 – 2017.

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