Friday Riddle: Look in my face, I am somebody; Look in my back, I am nobody. What am I?
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POTUS “Not concerned about recession, touts ‘Enormous Growth’ after economy shrinks in 1st Quarter

Reaction to Biden’s latest ‘alarming’ Russia gaffe: ‘America deserves better’ FOX News
When Biden began talking about holding corrupt Russian oligarch’s responsible for their actions, he made a major verbal stumble that broke Twitter.

Say Goodbye to the Big Scheme: Sussmann Judge Excludes Hillary Tweets – National Review
A federal judge (appointed by Barack Obama and a former clerk for Bill Clinton’s White House counsel) has ruled that, at Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann’s criminal trial next month, Special Counsel John Durham’s prosecution team will be barred from showing the jury tweets posted by Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign.

St. Olaf ousts faculty director of institute dedicated to bringing controversial speakers to campus — because speakers caused controversy FIRE News Desk (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)

Rumors of Stagflation in First Quarter GDPWSJ Editorial
Americans have good reason to be anxious amid rapid inflation, and on Thursday they received another one. The U.S. economy shrank in the first quarter of 2022 by 1.4%, the first decline since the pandemic lockdown recession in the first half of 2020. The question is whether this is, well, transitory, or the sign of stagflation or a recession to come.

Biden’s Disinformation Board Is Led by Woman Who Thought Hunter’s Laptop Was Russian Disinformation – Townhall
It’s not rocket science — if you engaged in disinformation by falsely saying something else was disinformation, you have no business running a federal board that’s supposed to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Yet here we are with Nina Jankowicz announcing that she’s “[h]onored to be serving in the Biden Administration” and “helping shape our counter-disinformation efforts.”

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