Putin threatens ‘lightning’ fast strikes on any nation that ‘interferes’ with Russia’s war in UkraineFOX News
“If anyone ventures to intervene from the outside and [pose] unacceptable threats of a strategic nature to Russia, they should know that our counter-retaliatory strikes will take place with lightning speed,”

New York’s Highest Court Strikes Down Democrats’ Gerrymandered Congressional, State Senate Maps – Daily Wire
The Democratic majority in both legislative chambers composed and passed their own set of maps, without any consultation from the Republican minority and in violation of laws limiting the scope of legislative changes to the IRC’s maps. Governor Kathy Hochul signed those maps into law in February. Those maps gave Democrats a 22-4 advantage over Republicans, compared to a 19-8 advantage in the current map.

Democrats Blew Covid’s PoliticsWSJ Henniger
From the day Joe Biden entered office, the Democrats have displayed a misreading of how the Covid-19 pandemic had altered the country’s normal political and social alignments.

The Renaissance of the Classical School – First Things
…people in the classical education movement don’t spend a great deal of time bewailing the condition of schools controlled by progressive teachers’ unions. Too depressing. They find their joy in rediscovering and reviving the great educational traditions of the past, in the chance to teach moral and intellectual virtues, eloquence, love of country, and the traditional arts and sciences.

Tax Increases Won’t Cure InflationWSJ Editorial
Coordinating higher government spending with higher taxes so that the rest of us are forced to cut back a little to create room for additional government spending,” as MMT evangelist Stephanie Kelton puts it. She says the trick is to “remove spending power from the rest of us” via taxes so the government can fund things like solar panels in California.

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