Twitter’s top lawyer reassures staff, cries during meeting about Musk takeoverPolitico
Vijaya Gadde, a key executive involved in decisions to remove former President Donald Trump and ban political advertising, expressed uncertainty about the future of the platform.

US preps for even busier border amid lifting of health orderAssociated Press
The Biden administration released a plan Tuesday to deal with an expected increase in already high numbers of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border from the planned lifting of a public health order that prevents people from seeking asylum — and that Republican and some Democratic lawmakers insist should be kept in place.

Dems slam ‘dangerous influence’ of billionaires, call Musk an ‘oligarch’ after Twitter buyout FOX Business
Prominent Democrats are reacting to news that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has purchased Twitter by railing against the influence of billionaires in society.

NY Times writer says 2016 Trump win is ‘what can go wrong’ when social media doesn’t manage content thoroughly FOX News
Shira Ovide, who writes the paper’s On Tech newsletter, called Musk a “relative dilettante” on the subject of free speech and illustrated a Twitter world in which people are harassed by those who disagree with their views and swamped with cryptocurrency scams, “fake Gucci handbags” and pornography.

What a Soon-to-be-Ex-Biden White House Adviser Said About Ocasio-Cortez Is…Not InaccurateTownhall
Richmond recently called AOC a “f**king idiot.” Now, he’s being transferred to the Democratic National Committee to help curb the fallout from the midterms.

The Biden Administration’s New Salvo Against Charter SchoolsWSJ-Jason Riley
Under new Education Department rules proposed last month, it would become more difficult for charter schools to receive federal grants… Still, it is the decades long under-performance of public education, and the left’s ability to stifle reform efforts, that ultimately will have the bigger impact and is no less deserving of political attention.

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