Hispanic voters deserting Biden in major warning sign for Democrats – Just the News
Amid border crisis, Hispanic support for president plummets as key voting demographic shifts to GOP.

China’s Governance Implosion – Forbes
China is facing what is arguably the worst crisis in governance since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976. Even the 1989 Tiananmen uprising did not affect as many people as the Covid lockdowns.

Officials Adopt New Message on Covid-19 Behaviors: It’s Your Call – Wall Street Journal
In the latest phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, federal and local officials are telling people to decide for themselves how best to protect against the virus.

FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused ImmunosuppressionEpoch Times 4/14/22
With another batch of 11,000 Pfizer documents, released April 1, 2022, old suspicions have gained fresh support. The first bombshell revelation is that natural immunity works, and Pfizer has known it all along. The clinical trial data showed there was no difference in outcomes between those with previous COVID infection and those who got the shot. Neither group experienced severe infection. Natural immunity was also statistically identical to the shot in terms of the risk of infection.

Florida rejects 41% of math textbooks for including CRT, most aimed at K-5 students: ‘Impermissible’ – FOX News
Florida’s Department of Education (DOE) rejected 41% of mathematics textbooks submitted for use in the state’s public schools Friday, citing critical race theory and other issues with the texts.

Jerusalem violence puts strain on Israel’s coalition government – Reuters
Clashes in Jerusalem that have stoked tensions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan spread into Sunday, triggering 18 arrests and putting further strain on Israel’s coalition government.

Multiple Easter weekend mass shootings leave more than 30 injured, 2 dead across the US – Just the News
Three mass shootings in Pittsburg and South Carolina over Easter weekend have left more than 30 people injured and two dead.

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