Audio captures Russian soldiers discussing killing and raping UkrainiansInsider
Ukrainian officials said they intercepted disturbing radio transmissions of Russian soldiers talking about killing and raping civilians.

Most car shoppers think prices will never go down, and factory ordering is the new normal – MarketWatch
New car shoppers know that a global microchip shortage means high car prices, and they don’t expect them to come down even as supplies return to normal. More than ever plan to order their next car, and fewer are willing to pay more than sticker price than were last November.

The new White House rule: Do not talk about Joe Manchin – Politico
As another round of talks on a climate and spending bill ramps up, aides and advocates are under strict orders to keep their mouths shut — lest they antagonize the all-important senator.

USPS suspends services in Santa Monica neighborhood, citing attacks on carriers – KTLA
The U.S. Postal Service is temporarily suspending services in a Santa Monica neighborhood after multiple attacks on its mail carriers, the agency said Monday.

NYT Report Reveals White House in Chaos Over Border CrisisTownhall
Democrats being in a near-constant state of disarray is nothing new, but thanks to a report in The New York Times on the Biden administration’s discussions about the border crisis and what to do about Title 42 and “Remain in Mexico,” we have a better look at how much chaos illegal immigration and overwhelmed border agents have caused within the West Wing.

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