4/5/22 Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

The real reason

U.S. and Allies Vow Action Over Reports of Russian Atrocities in UkraineWSJ
The West is impotent in the matter of atrocities allegedly being committed in cities all over Ukraine. As the Russian forces pull back from cities they occupied, bodies are being found lying in the streets, mass graves are being uncovered and the surviving civilians are telling tales of rapes, beatings and summary executions. Of course, high level Russian officials are denying the reports or accusing the Ukrainians of faking the photos or putting out fraudulent videos.

New York mayor Adams launches Florida ads denouncing law against LBGTQ talk in schools Reuters
The mayor of New York is running digital billboards in Florida telling LBGTQ persons that if they don’t feel welcome in Florida because of the newly signed Parental Rights Bill, they will be welcome in New York. He seems to feel that LBGTQ persons are willing to leave the Sunshine state to live in the cold, bleak, crime-ridden hellhole that New York has become. Not to mention, anyone who moves from Florida to NYC will have to pay dearly for the move in taxes and cost of living.

Media ‘Caught in a Coverup’ of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story: Sen. JohnsonEpoch Times
Sen. Ron Johnson explained that the recent admissions by the Washington Post and The New York Times that they had suppressed reports about the veracity and importance of the information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop are an example of a “limited hangout”. A limited hangout is a public relations or propaganda technique in which the individual or official involved releases some information that was previously hidden, albeit still retaining important key facts, in an effort to prevent more important details from being exposed. (Epoch Times). In other words, they are still trying to hide the worst aspects of the Hunter Biden laptop from the public.

The Shrinking U.S. Navy – WSJ
Biden’s proposed budget will build 8 new ships but retire 24 as the Navy continues to shrink to 298 ships. Meanwhile in February, the Navy’s top officer, Admiral Mike Gilday, said the country needs “a naval force of over 500 ships,” a figure informed by exercises and Pentagon analysis. We can’t hope to defend against Chinese, Russian and Iranian aggression with a Navy 50% of what is needed to do the job.

North Carolina U.S. Senate primary a test of Trump’s power over Republican votersReuters
When Donald Trump holds his next rally in North Carolina on Saturday, he’ll be trying to boost his handpicked favorite for the U.S. Senate, Representative Ted Budd, in a tight and intensifying contest for the Republican nomination.
Budd is locked in a dead heat with the state’s former governor, Pat McCrory, ahead of the May 17 primary, with former congressman Mark Walker in third place. The crowded field could force a July run-off, risking Republican chances of keeping the seat now held by retiring Senator Richard Burr.

Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Largest Shareholder After Shakeup TeaseThe Daily Wire
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become Left-wing social media platform Twitter’s largest shareholder, taking 9.2% stake in Twitter Inc. The move comes after Musk teased a shakeup at Twitter, or possible plans to build a new social media platform that promotes free speech.

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