4/4/22 Monday Is Snow Fun

Russia-Ukraine war having ‘devastating effect’ on food supply: Goya CEO
Inflation rose 7.9% in February, a new 40-year high
FOX News

Moderate Democrats Sound Alarm as Biden Repeals Title 42 amid Border Crisis
Several Democratic senators have voiced opposition to the Biden administration’s repeal of the Title 42 policy, which allowed border agents to immediately expel illegal border crossers.
National Review

Oberlin College Loses $31M Appeal
Barring an appeal to Ohio’s Supreme Court, Oberlin College will have to pay out $31 million for supporting false claims that a local bakery discriminated against students of color.
Inside Higher Education

The Covid Spending Racket
Whatever happened to that $1.9 trillion in supposed virus relief that Democrats passed in 2021?
Wall Street Journal

Ex-intel officer: Spy agency sought Hunter Biden laptop back in 2020 to see if family compromised
Spy agency wanted to know if “there’s compromising information on that hard drive,” Tony Schaffer says.
Just the News

What Is A Woman? Why The Left Can’t Answer The Question
They (the left)say that biology has nothing to do with womanhood. Well, then what does have something to do with womanhood? If we cannot define a woman physically, how can we define her? What is a woman? What does the word mean? If you are on the Left, what exactly are you trying to say the word, woman, means? When you say that such and such biological man is a woman, what are you actually trying to convey about that person? What do you mean that Lia Thomas is a woman? What is that supposed to mean? 
Matt Walsh in The Daily Wire

Trump ripped off his White House photographer because he rips off everyone who gets close to him
When Donald Trump’s handpicked White House photographer Shea Craighead asked him to write the foreword to her book of Trump-era White House photos, he had one thought: How can I make money off this? Trump’s first idea, according to a New York Times story, was to take a cut from Craighead’s royalties. In the end, the former president decided to simply beat her to market by publishing his own book of photos and pocketing millions in royalties himself.
Washington Examiner

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