3/30/22 Good News Wednesday

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No, We Won’t Indulge Your Insanity
The world may have gone crazy, but, at National Review, our answer remains steadfastly “No.” No, we don’t believe the nonsense we’re being sold. No, we won’t believe the nonsense we’re being sold. No, we don’t believe anyone else believes the nonsense we’re being sold, either.

Go Tech!
MIT brings back standardized testing for admissions. Why you ask?
Our research has shown that, in most cases, we cannot reliably predict students will do well at MIT unless we consider standardized test results alongside grades, coursework, and other factors. These findings are statistically robust and stable over time, and hold when you control for socioeconomic factors and look across demographic groups. And the math component of the testing turns out to be most important.” – Dean of Admissions Stuart Schmill
Best of the Web WSJ

‘I Got You’: Lady Gaga Gently Helping Liza Minnelli At The Oscars Got Overshadowed By That Rude Slap As the Hollywood legend struggled with her lines and appeared confused, Lady Gaga deftly rescued her without becoming patronizing and generally exemplified what it means to respect the humanity in another person. Fans were overjoyed to see this touching interaction between the two recording artists.
The Daily Wire

Biden’s Regime-Change Talk Is Worse Than a Simple Gaffe
Putin is a menace. But we have a very well-stocked arsenal of weapons with which to fight him, not only through fortifying military assets such as NATO and deepening our security relationship with the European Union, but also vast economic resources and the ability to shut Russia out from a great deal of the world economy — and we don’t require a great deal of multinational support to do it. We also have the ability to beat Putin at his own game, flooding world markets with U.S.-sourced oil and gas, trade in which will enrich both domestic producers and our trading partners abroad. – Kevin Williamson
National Review

Ukraine Proposes Neutral Status
‘With International Guarantees as Zelensky Seeks More Western Help. Cease-fire talks advanced as deadly Russian strikes continued and Ukrainian forces pushed back Moscow’s troops near Kyiv”
Wall Street Journal

Fauci: China’s Secrecy in Wuhan Investigation a ‘Natural Reflex’
The CCP’s secrecy — even though there was “no reason to be secretive” — was just because the Chinese were embarrassed. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s a natural reflex. Who among us hasn’t hidden evidence from World Health Organization officials?
National Review

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