3/29/22 Tuesday Newsday

Programming note: Dennis Smith a candidate for the GOP endorsement for Attorney General will be with us via phone this morning at 9:05.

Russia reasserts right to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine
Senior politician Dmitry Medvedev says Moscow’s nuclear doctrine does not require enemy state to use such weapons first
The Guardian (UK)

Here’s what’s in Biden’s $5.8 trillion budget proposal
It includes a defense budget that will leave some hawks unsatisfied, and a more modest assault on climate change than many Democrats had hoped for.

Biden’s Big New Wealth Tax
It’s a new tax on Americans with $100 million or more in assets whose effective tax rate in any year is less than 20% of their income. But these taxpayers already pay a 23.8% tax rate on capital gains and 37% on ordinary income. The average tax rate for the top 1% of taxpayers in 2019 was 25.6%.
Wall Street Journal

Beau Biden Foundation took in millions in donations, only spent thousands on its mission
A foundation that was formed to honor Beau Biden, the deceased son of the president, is coming under scrutiny for raking in millions of dollars in donations but only spending thousands on its mission. The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children was founded less than a month after Beau died in 2015. Its mission is to prevent child abuse by educating adults and children.
Hot Air

Flashback: MSNBC, CNN touted Mueller probe as the end for Trump: ‘He’s going down’
MSNBC & CNN often boasted that Mueller and his Russia investigation would spell the end of Trump and his administration until the final probe report failed to produce criminal charges against the former president. Critics argue coverage of the investigation exacerbated an already increasing weariness of the mainstream media by the American public.
FOX News

Ukrainian woman whose village was stormed by Russian troops says they wore her clothes, stole money, and drunkenly shot off her husband’s leg
The woman told CNN that the Russian troops were acting out of control as they ransacked her home in a village close to Brovary, an eastern suburb of Kyiv.
Business Insider

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