3/28/22 Confusion Reigns

Biden Says Putin ‘Cannot Remain in Power,’ White House Walks It Back
A White House official issued a comment minutes later saying that Biden was not calling for regime change.
National Review

Ukraine’s Asymmetric War
Moscow has more firepower, but Kyiv is using digital technology better.
Wall Street Journal

Putin Stokes Nuclear Fears With Atomic Weapons Warnings 
When Russia unveiled previously secret details of its nuclear-weapons doctrine for the first time in 2020, it confirmed something U.S. war planners had long suspected: Moscow would be willing to use atomic arms to keep from losing a conventional war.
Wall Street Journal

Leaked text messages portray school board as union puppets 
A text message exchange between a high-ranking Minneapolis School official and the head of the Minneapolis teachers union provides new proof that the Minneapolis School Board is completely controlled by the union.
American Experiment

Consumer sentiment falls to new decade-long low as inflation fears soar
A recent survey by the University of Michigan found that consumer sentiment fell to a new decade-long low as concerns about inflation grow amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.
FOX Business

White House to Propose New Minimum Tax on Billionaires
As part of his 2023 budget, Biden is asking Congress to pass legislation mandating the richest American families to pay a minimum of 20 percent on all of their income, including unrealized investment income.
Epoch Times



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