3/14/22 Drill Baby Drill

Dr. Noel Collis will be our guest on UpFront this morning at 9:05.

According to an IBD/TIPP Poll of 1,308 adults, completed in early March, Americans Are United On Prioritizing Domestic Fossils Over Climate ChangeDespite polarization on most issues, Americans unite on energy independence – even if it comes at the cost of climate change priorities. Two-thirds (63%) support drilling for domestic fossil fuels at the expense of climate change.

Strategic paper prepared for a Chinese language Chinese think tank. Very interesting and somewhat surprising analysis by a leading Chinese policy thinker, Possible Outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War and China’s Choice by Hu Wei. He is the vice-chairman of the Public Policy Research Center of the Counselor’s Office of the State Council, the chairman of Shanghai Public Policy Research Association, the chairman of the Academic Committee of the Chahar Institute, a professor, and a doctoral supervisor.

Our Fight Is Against Capitalism’ and ‘the Patriarchy,’ Says Union Boss Leading Teachers Strike Greta Callahan, head of the Minneapolis teachers union was interviewed about the ongoing Minneapolis teacher’s strike. The money quote from her was: “Our fight is against the patriarchy, our fight is against capitalism, our fight is for the soul of our city”. While it is fine if she wants to virtue signal her Marxist bona fides; what does any of that have to do with educating children?

One of President Trump’s smartest and most patriotic advisors, William Barr has a new book out. Fred Barnes reviews it for the Wall Street Journal. ‘One Damn Thing After Another’ Review: William Barr’s Good Advice It is clear to me that if William Barr had been Attorney General from the beginning of Trump’s presidency, the Russian narrative would have been dealt with properly.

Poll Results: Biden, Democrats Lose Ground on Key Issues The president’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis hasn’t boosted his overall approval rating as voters worry about inflation

Being reported in the Financial Times – US officials say Russia has asked China for military help in Ukraine White House fears move is sign of increasingly close ties between Beijing and Moscow. This would also belie China’s claim to be a neutral party in the Ukrainian conflict.

Pelosi claims government spending is ‘reducing the national debt,’ not causing inflation The Democrats think they can get the American people to believe just about anything they put out there. Their allies in the public education system have gotten the population so dumbed down that most Americans under the age of 40 don’t understand how the economy works.

Russia Demolishes a Ukrainian Training Camp on the Polish Border as Putin Gives Joey SoftServe a Brushback Pitch From Streiff at RedState

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