3/9/22 The Lies of Joe Biden

Isaac Schultz, candidate for the GOP Endorsement for MN House District 10B, will be in studio with us today for UpFront. You can call and comment or ask Isaac questions at 9:35 AM, during the second half of the show.

Hear about the new restaurant called Karma? There’s no menu – you get what you deserve.

Everyone who voted for Biden should pay the people who voted for Trump a gas stipend.

US, Polish Knights of Columbus rescuing, feeding Ukrainian refugees inside war zone. Knights of Columbus send volunteers into Ukraine with medical supplies, food and shelter. Catholic Fraternal organization mobilizes chapters on both sides of the border to help civilians caught in the grips of the Russian caused conflict. FOX News reports.

Beijing is re-writing the Ukraine narrative The Chinese government is reportedly censoring state media reports about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and promoting commentary that is supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Axios.

Oil and gas exec rips Biden admin’s ‘disingenuous’ support of industry. On Cavuto’s Coast to Coast, Mack Energy Corp. Director of Government Affairs Claire Chase argued on Tuesday that the United States is currently facing a “crisis of President Biden’s making” as it pertains to oil and gas.

How counties in Minnesota can remove voting machines and return to paper ballots before the midterm elections. By Erik van Mechelen

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