Tuesday 3/8/22

A cop was walking past a restaurant when he heard someone scream – “No John, not the gun!” He ran inside and and saw a doctor, a lawyer, a milkman, and a dead body on the floor. He promptly walked over to the milkman and arrested him. He didn’t witness the shooting and there was no apparent evidence to prove who shot the person and no one told him who the killer was. How did the policeman instantly know it was the milkman? (Answer at bottom of page)

Biden’s Bizarre Oil Diplomacy Wall Street Journal opinion piece points out that Biden is looking for oil in all the wrong places.

The Daily Caller reports on hypocritical Democratic member of “The Squad.” Rep. Ayanna Pressley Spent Thousands Of Taxpayers Dollars On Private Security, House Records ShowDemocratic Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who has repeatedly pushed to defund the police, spent thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on private security, according to newly released Statement of Disbursements of the House records reviewed by the Daily Caller.

An article from the UK’s Guardian written 8 months ago is appropriate for today’s left’s green obsession. The rush to ‘go electric’ comes with a hidden cost: destructive lithium mining

Another article on the left’s green obsession, again from the UK, this time from WIRED Magazine. The spiraling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction. The left has been aware of the lithium mining pollution since the beginning of lithium ion batteries. They don’t care about dead animals in the rivers in Tibet, because it happens OVER THERE, where no one sees it except the indigenous people dying because of it. These people are callous towards human life and their agenda is evil.

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Republicans in electoral map disputes. From Reuters: “The justices denied Republican requests to put on hold lower court rulings that adopted court-drawn boundaries for North Carolina’s 14 House districts and Pennsylvania’s 17 House districts to replace electoral maps devised by Republican-controlled legislatures in the two states.

Iran Plots To Assassinate Ex-Trump Official, Biden Admin Resisting Public Indictments Due To Iran Deal Hopes The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reports: “At least two Iranians in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps-Quds Force (IRGC-QF), an elite Iranian military group that is also a designated terrorist organization, have allegedly been plotting to assassinate former Trump national security adviser John Bolton, according to a new report

Meanwhile, Politico reports about further obsurdities coming out of the Biden Administration. White House may extend freeze on student loans again. I wouldn’t put it past this leftist Presidente to forgive all federal student loans while the country is distracted by Ukraine.

Answer: The milkman was the only male. The doctor and lawyer were females, so the cop knew that “John” was the milkman.

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