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Beware wishful thinking when it comes to the Ukraine crisis From Charles C. W. CookeHere is what I would like to happen in Ukraine”

What Does It Mean to Defeat Putin? Clive Crook in Bloomberg OpinionWhat do U.S. and European leaders see as the endgame in Ukraine? If they’re thinking about it, they’re giving little sign. And if their answer is defeating Vladimir Putin, they need to ask themselves another question: What does that mean?

Don’t Cancel Regular Russians (to punish Putin) “Yanking The Batman from Moscow theaters won’t bring peace to Ukraine, it will just sever much-needed cultural connection with everyday Russians.”

China’s Bad Ukraine War From the WSJ Editorial page “Friday marks a month since Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin signed a declaration that there are “no limits” to their friendship. Pardon Mr. Xi if he’s already concluding that with friends like this he doesn’t need enemies.”

Center for the American Experiment: Record number of new gun-carry permits in 2021 led by surge in Twin Cities. Polls point to violent crime and public safety as a top issue on Minnesotans’ minds. But there’s another indicator that law enforcement officials say confirms how seriously residents statewide consider the threat from the current crime wave–the number of permits to carry a firearm approved last year.”

This is Appalling From Erick Erickson “Every day that President Biden does not sanction Russian energy is a day we have not done everything we can do to stop this war.

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