3/1/22 Fat Tuesday

Short post today because I’m busy stuffing myself for Fat Tuesday.

From Minn Post: Make that $9.25 billion: Minnesota budget forecast increases an additional $1.5 billion We have entered bizarro world in regards to Minnesota’s finances.

Zelensky says he has officially applied to make Ukraine a member of the European Union “This development will undoubtedly enrage Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has for years complained of Ukraine’s growing ties to Western institutions like the European Union and NATO.” – Business Insider

The Economic Price of Putin’s Invasion “Western markets hold up, but Russia’s financial system takes a beating.” – WSJ

Opinion from the National Review: Watching the Russian Economy Collapse before Our Eyes Do we really want a country with 4500 nuclear warheads to become economically crippled?

Russian ‘spies’ among us. FOX News reports.

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