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What do men never wish to be in and yet labor hard to possess? (Answer at bottom of page.)

Russians Against Invasion James Freeman of WSJ reports on Russians in opposition to the Ukrainian invasion.

John Kerry’s Ukraine EmissionsHe frets that Russian brutality will distract from climate change.” The Democrats obsession with bogus “climate change” has made Mr. Putin more powerful.

No, Republicans Aren’t the Party of Putin Ramesh Ponnuru writes in Bloomberg “You have to misread polls of their voters and distort the statements of congressional leaders to find any evidence of support for Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

From Tipp Insights: Swift: Europe Can’t Have It’s Cake and Eat It Too Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in a Thursday tweet, “I will not be diplomatic on this. Everyone who now doubts whether Russia should be banned from SWIFT has to understand that the blood of innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children will be on their hands too. BAN RUSSIA FROM SWIFT.”

Democrats Are Losing the Culture War. A Messaging Shift Won’t Save Them. Long time liberal journalist Jeff Greenfield says: “The party must point to deeds, not words, to show they understand voters’ concerns.

The New Republic’s Alex Shephard offers his opinion on Trump’s supporters. Biden’s Critics Miss the Good Old Days of Madman Trump

Household Tyrants From the NY Magazine. The author makes the case that “‘Parents Rights’ is more proof of GOP’s authoritarianism”

Answer: BONDS

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