2/24/22 The Russian Offensive Begins

Russia launches full-scale attack in Ukraine, dozens dead

  • Russia launched an attack on Ukraine, including Kyiv, overnight Wednesday that Russia called a ‘special military operation’
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened ‘consequences you have never seen‘ to any country that interferes in Ukraine while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised ‘we will defend ourselves
  • Russia’s attack has been widely condemned by the US and its allies, many of whom are imposing sanctions on Moscow
Can Ukraine defend itself?

How Ukraine Was Betrayed in Budapest – Wall Street Journal Editorial

Chinese media accidentally posts CCP rules on Russia-Ukraine coverage A Xinhua News Agency editor said Russia was needed to solve the ‘Taiwan issue’ – FOX News

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, David Satter writes: Weakness at Home Drives Putin to Invade Ukraine “He’s trying to re-create the ‘Crimea effect,’ in which Russians felt strong and ‘forgot their worries.’” David Satter is a leading commentator on Russia and the former Soviet Union. He is the author of five books on Russia and the creator of a documentary film on the fall of the U.S.S.R.

With Nord Stream 2 Freeze, Germany Takes First Step to Cut Russian Gas Reliance “Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine triggers a search for other natural-gas supplies, but it could take years for Berlin to wean itself off Russian imports”WSJ

From Reuters Ukraine’s Parliament approves state of emergency “The Ukrainian parliament has approved a declaration of a state of emergency in the entire country, except for two eastern regions where it has already been in place since 2014.”

The Ukraine Catastrophe – National Review: (The Biden Administration) “should ask Congress for massive increases in defense spending, continue to shore up frontline NATO members, and unleash the American oil and gas industry so we aren’t in the position of begging OPEC+, including Russia, to increase production.”

The Post Millenial reports that Democrats over whelmingly approve of Trudeau’s crackdown on freedom protestors, freezing of bank accounts. Looking at Democrat likely voters alone, 65 percent said they favored Trudeau’s crackdown on the protestors, and 17 percent said they disapproved. We no longer live in a united country. The Democrats values no longer match or can be accommodated by many of us on the right. It is time for a peaceful divorce.

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