Putin invading Ukraine 2/22/22

Fidel Trudeau is in charge in Canada

Putin recognizes separatist Ukrainian regions amid crisis Putin uses a script from the old Soviet days to start his campaign to absorb the Ukraine back into the Russian sphere.

Biden blocks all US investments in Ukrainian separatist regions I’m sure all of the Americans lined up to do business in Eastern Ukraine are really feeling sanctioned.

Putin Address Takes Swipe at U.S.-Led World Order From the Wall Street Journal: “The speech, ostensibly aimed at recognizing the independence of two breakaway provinces that Russia carved from Ukraine in 2014, outlined Mr. Putin’s view that Ukraine was a historical accident that the U.S. has turned into a launchpad to attack Russia.”

How Far Do Putin’s Recognition Orders Extend? Does Putin’s land grab include just the current territories the rebels hold or does it include all of the disputed territories?

The U.S. warns that Russia has a ‘kill list’ of Ukrainians to be detained or killed Putin has a list of Ukrainians who have crossed him since he came to power. If Russia invades and conquers Ukraine, it is not going to be pretty.

The local shenanigans going on in the GOP seem to be a reflection of the state-wide Republican Party. If this is the way they are going to treat new people coming into the party, how are they ever going to win another state-wide election? Corruption in Morrison County GOP

CDC Openly Admits That It Doesn’t Want The Public Drawing Conclusions From The Data “The CDC believes the data is not yet ready to be released because of potential misinterpretation.” In other words, you are too stupid to understand facts and data. You must let the “experts” tell you what to think.

Elon Musk Says He Will Visit IRS After Elizabeth Warren Claims He Paid ‘Zero’ In Taxes Elon Musk paid $11 BILLION in personal taxes for 2021, the single highest personal tax amount in the history of income tax. Elizabeth Warren has the awareness of a beet.

Contrary to leftist taking points, a study from the UK recently published in The Lancet confirms, the spread of Covid is “not significantly higher in unvaccinated than fully vaccinated household contacts”

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