February 21, 2022

Professor Steve Wenzel of Central Lakes College will be with us in studio this morning. Due to Steve’s appearance, I have a shorter post this morning. I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

Economic confidence swoons as Americans realize that Brandon is a doddering, senile old fuddy-duddy who has absolutely no idea what is happening to him or the country. Inflation is running at 7.5% and the stock market is starting to show the lack of confidence they have in his leadership. Vladimir Putin knows we have a weak, feckless leader and no amount of bluster from Brandon is going to make him change his plans regarding Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party “leaders” are more focused on scoring political points with their Star Chamber investigations into January 6th.

Democratic Candidate Blames Deranged Slumber-Party Tirade on Sleep Meds. The Daily Beast reports Democratic congressional candidate Abby Broyles of Oklahoma allegedly berated a bunch of tween girls with curses and insults before vomiting.

Election panel rejects Dem attempt to remove GOP lawmaker from ballot over Jan. 6 ‘insurrection’ If you can’t beat the guy in an election, have him kicked out of the contest.

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