February 18, 2022

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What is that which is so easily broken that the mere mention of it breaks it? Answer at bottom of page.

Wall Street Journal’s excellent columnist Daniel Henniger weighs in on the voracious appetite of government for your money. The Super Bowl of Sin Taxes State legalizations of sports betting and marijuana prove government is about taking, not helping.

Evidently, the DOJ has reacted to parents becoming involved in their children’s education by setting up a new department to investigate “domestic terrorists” who show up at school board meetings among other “terrorist” activities. Woke Democrats do not want or enjoy the pushback they are rightfully receiving from the victims of their wokeness. Republicans on House Judiciary alarmed over new DOJ domestic terror office, targeting school parents – From Just the News

Zaid Jilani in Tablet Magazine writes an informative opinion piece on the The Racist Joe RoganHow the blue stack created the false impression that one of its COVID enemies also happened to be a vicious bigot. In-mid January, the blue stack—a powerful consortium of progressive activists, news outlets, major corporations, public health officials, and government apparatchiks who collaborate to marginalize ideological opponents—had its sights set on Joe Rogan, America’s most popular podcaster, who reportedly pulls in several times the viewership of the most watched shows on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC”.

While Heil Trudeau is desperately trying to quell the trucker’s protest in Canada, American truckers plan convoy to DC in protest of COVID-19 mandates. From FOX News: “Taking a cue from truckers bordering America’s north, a political action committee will partner with truck convoys to protest what it deems as overreaching government COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

Just the News report: Lawsuit claims Michigan election chief illegally accepted Zuckerberg money to swing 2020 election lawsuitA lawsuit filed against Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson asserts she illegally accepted private money for the 2020 presidential election to swing the election for President Joe Biden.”

The Biden Economists Who Don’t Buy the Biden Inflation Message Plus, James Freeman of WSJ shows how MSNBC explores ‘super wokeness.’

Answer: Silence

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