February 17, 2022

This is an explosion (solar flare) that occurred on the far side of the sun on Feb 16 around midnight. If this had happened while Mother Earth was on that side of the sun, we would probably have been plunged back into the bronze age. We dodged a bullet. When you kneel down to pray, thank God for his Good Timing. Thank you to Paul Short for tipping me off and sending this to me.

Woke San Francisco school board members ousted in landslide recall vote The Post Millennial reports that “Asian-American voters turned out in large numbers to remove the school board members, who many saw as anti-Asian due to their changes in admissions standards and their public comments.”

Climate is changing causing consternation for ABC News: Southwest experiencing driest conditions in at least 1,200 years due to climate change, new study finds This article points out that it has been this dry in the Southwestern US at other periods in history. Did the Earth experience climate change 1200 years ago? Also, since this is supposed to be a record drought, that means it has been wetter in the past. Does that mean the Earth experienced climate change when it became wetter? Last question: What is the temperature supposed to be?

From Jonathon Turley: Media Vapors: How Special Counsel John Durham Has Triggered a Media Meltdown The Main Stream Media is holding its breath, hoping the whole “Durham thing” goes away.

Hillary responds to the latest Durham news with the Hillary Clinton lashes out at Donald Trump, Fox News over Durham probe: ‘Spinning up a fake scandal’ From Just the News.

Redistricting panel sets new political boundaries for Minnesota It appears Morrison County has been moved to US District 7, so our new US Representative will be Michelle Fishbach. Also, it seems Morrison County has been moved to MN Senate District 10. No idea yet how this is going to affect local races. We will keep you informed.

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    • I’ve only heard rumors of special meetings. No official information is available. As always, wait until the whole story comes out. If there was some sort of screw up or funny business, the courts will become involved and then the truth will come out.

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