February 9, 2022 – It’s Over!

Its Over! Omicron has peaked all over the globe. State governors, even with Democratic governors are giving up on mandates and masks. Studies are finally emerging showing the devastation caused by wrong-headed policies. Freedom loving people all over the world are starting to say, “enough is enough! Its Over!

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The Message of Canada’s Trucker Protest

GOP Congressman Accuses Capitol Police Of Spying On HimCongressman Troy Nehls (R-TX) alleged that last November, U.S. Capitol Police “entered [his] office without [his] knowledge and photographed confidential legislative products” on one occasion and that undercover agents entered later that same week, only this time dressed as construction workers, who then questioned a member of his staff

Group Of House Republicans Pushing To Keep The J6 Commission If They Win Back Majority Should GOP House members in safe red districts be telegraphing their plans for political revenge BEFORE they earn back the majority in the House?

White House condemns Florida bill to bar talk of sexual orientation in schoolsThe White House on Tuesday condemned a bill making its way through the Florida legislature that would prohibit the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in the state’s primary schools.”

Unintended Consequences of LockdownsThe number of deaths from drug overdoses and alcohol abuse rose during the first 16 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many factors that may have contributed to these developments, explored in a new study by National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) research associate Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago, is an increase in the disposable income of some at-risk households as a result of pandemic-related stimulus payments.  This income rise coincided with a decline in the effective price of consuming alcohol and some addictive drugs.

Chinese scientists say they’ve developed a new, highly accurate COVID test that gives results in 4 minutes. Of course, the ChiComs say lots of stuff that turns out to not be true.

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