February 3, 2022

CCP Olympics starts on Friday

FBI Director Reveals the One Threat to US That Has ‘Blown Him Away’FBI Director Christopher Wray told NBC News he has been “blown away” by the level of Chinese spying in the United States, noting that the agency now opens an average of two counterintelligence investigations per day to counter the threat.”

Parents Sue Virginia School System Over Mask Mandate Loudon County schools in N. Virginia refuse to allow students to attend school without masks, in defiance of new Governor’s executive order.

Johns Hopkins Analysis: ‘Lockdowns Should be Rejected Out of Hand’ We have been told throughout this CoVid Bull Squirt that we were to listen to the experts. “Two of these (experts) have been Ezekiel Emanuel and Anthony Fauci. Both were enthusiastic proponents of societal lockdowns as a means of preventing deaths and the spread of Covid. We now know from a Johns Hopkins blockbuster meta-analysis that “shutting it down,” in Donald Trump’s awkward phrase, did very little to prevent deaths.

Fauci Knew About Virus Lab Origin From Secret Teleconference. Yet he actively pushed an alternative narrative to deflect investigation of Wuhan Lab. One of the biggest mistakes Trump made in his response to the Wuhan Flu was to not fire Anthony Fauci when he lied to him.

Ottawa Police say military may be needed to clear truckersThere is likely no policing solution to this, but in combination with other efforts, there may be other opportunities to substantially reduce if not end this demonstration.

Classified State Department email declared Hunter Biden ‘undercut’ U.S. efforts in UkraineWithheld from public for five years, memo conflicts with Democrats’ official narrative that president’s son had no impact on U.S. anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.”

Not only is it good that Jeff Zucker has decided to step down, now the dirty laundry is beginning to be aired in public, so it is getting really interesting also. CNN’s Brian Stelter speculates Jeff Zucker’s resignation is Chris Cuomo trying ‘to burn the place down’

The Month of February 2022: Holidays, Fun Facts, Folklore From The Farmer’s Almanac

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