February 2, 2022

Scott Jensen wins GOP Straw poll with 38% of ballots cast

Gazelka comes in distant second with 14%

HHS Announces Reproductive Health Care Task Force to Promote and Expand Abortion Access

Nearly Two Dozen Democrats Demand Biden Keep Climate Funds In Build Back Better

Alberta towing companies reject requests to supply trucks to RCMP

Democratic congresswoman refuses to meet with unvaccinated constituents

McCarthy says Pelosi may cap State of Union crowd. “Each party may be allowed to invite just 25 House members to attend President Biden’s State of the Union Address in person, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told colleagues on Tuesday.”

Biden On His Supreme Court Pick: Debate Over Nominee Due To ‘The Constitution Always Evolving’

Preliminary data shows a higher death rate and an increase in excess deaths in 2021. COVID-19 remained the third-leading underlying cause of death in the US.

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