February 1, 2022

Thank God we have gotten through January, the worst month of the year. February isn’t much better, but one consolation is the fact that there are only 46 more days until the vernal equinox. In February of last year, we experienced a cold snap from the 5th until mid-month, similar weather to what we have had in January. The second half of February 2021 was warm, with highs in the 30’s and 40’s. Masks were still all the rage and vaccines were being deployed to at-risk people. In fact, on UpFront on February 1, 2021, we had Dr. Noel Collis on for one of his first appearances on the show and he came and talked to us about the “vaccine”. It was on that show that we first exposed the lie that the “Jab” was not a true vaccine and that it was only a treatment to reduce the severity of symptoms of the Wuhan Flu. — Mark

America’s Largest Police Union Rips White House for Downplaying Violent Crime This comes after Jen Psaki get snarky on a podcast video, joking on a left-leaning podcast that media coverage of violence in major cities like New York came from an “alternate universe.”

The Canadian truckers convoy reached Ottawa and a good time was had by all – except Justin Trudeau – who continues to hide like a scared little bitch.

Activists and academics’ say calling the Ottawa protest ‘peaceful’ undermines the ‘non-violent danger’ it posed. They are scared of those big, bad trucks honking their horns.

Seattle officials planned to cede police station to BLM groupIn the summer of 2020, as Seattle was beset by police protests, city officials seriously considered transferring the police department’s East Precinct building to the local chapter of Black Lives Matter

Massachusetts High School Pushes To Erase ‘Gendered Terms’ From Biology ClassSlideshow defines gender as an individual’s ‘psychological sense of self‘”

Billionaire George Soros continues his attempt to undermine the US Constitution. The Epoch Times reports that he has given another $125 Million into a Democratic Super PAC ahead of 2022 midterms. “The controversial 91-year-old investor confirmed to Politico on Friday his plans, saying the large donation to Democracy PAC, which he set up in 2019 as his main political action committee to support Democrats, is a “long-term investment” beyond the 2022 elections.”

Fauci of Puxatawny

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