January 31, 2022

Weekend Reading

Why The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About The 2020 ElectionThe problem is not ‘mass voter fraud,’ but a privately funded ‘shadow campaign’ for Joe Biden within the formal structure of the election system.”

Don’t be a crazy man who has delusions of being an instrument of God or you may end up like this guy. From The Hill: Secret Service charges Kansas man for allegedly threatening to harm Biden

From FOX News: McConnell keeps his focus on Biden, not Trump, as GOP aims to win back Senate majority in midterms

Just as one should not drive while intoxicated, one should not Tik-Toc while pissed off. NYC actress fired after rant over Jason Rivera funeral: Streets closed ‘for one f—— cop’

CCP finds it easy to oppress their own people in order to put on a good face for some stupid athletic competition. Beijing seals off more residential areas, reports 12 cases

Youngkin’s CRT tip line in Virginia triggering Dems, teachers The CRT complex in education is scared to death of having their agenda exposed.

Trudeau moved to secure location amid trucker protests Trudeau has shown himself to be a coward in the face of push back to his policies.

The Supreme Court Promise That Was So Important, Joe Biden Almost Forgot It If Rep Jim Clyburn (D-SC) hadn’t pressed him on the promise, it may have never been made.

Politico anguished by the fact that NASCAR fans are not fans of POTUS. Red America’s Favorite Sport Is At War With Its Fans

Good news for election integrity. Pennsylvania court strikes down state’s mail voting law as unconstitutional

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