January 28, 2022

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Californians Now Willing to Admit Why They Are Leaving. If violent streets covered with feces don’t sell in Hollywood, where do they sell?

WH ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Explanation About Illegal Alien Releases They are releasing single young men in jurisdictions all over the US without notifying local officials.

Two powerful drugs now adding to US overdose crisis China is sending dangerous drugs to our country. Drug users are unaware of the lethality of these drugs when putting them into their bodies.

New book claims that Hunter Biden’s assistant was a Chinese agent Hunter Biden was up to his neck in Chinese spies.

Stupid Democratic Show Host Shrew Once Again Demonstrates Her Utter Ignorance To The Entire Nation It is always nice when a nagging shrew confirms that she is, indeed, stupid.

Massive Truck Convoy Crosses Canada To Protest Vaccine Mandates. It May Be Longest Truck Convoy Ever Recorded.

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