January 27, 2022

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GOP Governor candidate Michelle Benson will be on UpFront this morning starting at 9:05.

If you have questions for Michelle Benson, we will be taking calls today in the second
half of the show, around 9:33 AM. You can call 320-632-2306 earlier, but you will be put on
hold until we are ready to take your calls.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire. He hasn’t made a formal announcement yet, but the buzzards & jackals in official Washington DC are already circling the anticipated corpse.

Here’s who Biden might tap to replace Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. POTUS has pledged to name a black female as Breyer’s replacement. Here are the likely suspects

Romney participating in fundraiser for Liz Cheney. Are you surprised?

Regular Exercise Can Help Reduce the Severity of Covid Get off your lazy ass and do something besides virtual signalling with your worthless mask or submitting to the JAB.

Hispanics sour on Biden and Democrats

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