January 24, 2022

We will be having an in studio guest today on UpFront, a gentleman running for the MN Senate District 9 GOP endorsement. We will all discover his name by listening to the show starting at 9:05 AM on AM960 KLTF Little Falls or streaming at fallsradio.com. Meanwhile, you can catch up on some of the stuff I read this weekend.

Rationing hits shithole Washington DC

Hint: They won’t be around long: The fates of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump

They can’t decide which lies about the GOP will work best to stir up their base. Democrats torn over pushing stolen-election narrative

Anyone who is effective at exposing Chinese Communist corruption must be a spy. China: Enes Kanter Freedom MUST be CIA agent.

Stupid things from his administration’s first year disaster: Biden’s (Not) Top Five Quotes

Gee, I wonder why he hates cops: Alleged Harlem Cop Killer Had Extensive Criminal Record

In other words, Democrats using their power to extort money from cash cow industry: House Oversight seeks to ‘hold the fossil fuel industry accountable’ with latest climate hearings

Just like going to the neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar: Baltic nations to send missiles to Ukraine with U.S. support

A corrupt party apparatus stamps their feet and throws a hissy fit when one of their own does the right thing: Arizona Democrat Party Censures Sinema Over Filibuster Vote

The Hubble telescope just keeps showing us more wonders of God’s creation: NASA telescope finds black hole contributing to star formation

Buying a goldfish for little Taylor or Jared or whatever is cruelty to animals. I agree, goldfish will live forever in a decent aquarium, they get 4 weeks max in a fishbowl. French pet care firm stops selling fish bowls – they drive fish mad

If you read the article, it isn’t what the headline infers: Giuliani led fake electors plot: CNN

Someone must be blamed, so the long knives come out for Ron Klain. I can’t think of a better guy to be sacrificed for the cause. Klain under scrutiny as Biden struggles

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  1. Why do you suppose the St. Cloud Times no longer publishes the # of deaths from covid in our area?
    I believe its because there are so few its no longer newsworthy. Iss there a way to find the “#?

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